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29-03-2009, 20:02
Maite Itoiz & John Kelly gehen auf Tournee: The Blue Elfs Dream

(openPR) - Es handelt sich um eine hochwertige Show mit hervorragenden Sound- und Lichteffekten sowie acht Musikern, Sängern und Tänzern auf der Bühne, deren Repertoire von leidenschaftlichen Cellosoli und romantischer mittelalterlicher Flötenmusik zu beeindruckenden Trommeln und elektrischen Gitarren reicht.
Diese Performance ist die letzte Entwicklungsstufe der vorherigen Secret Forest-Liveshow, die bei Publikum und Kritikern gleichermaßen beliebt war und in den höchsten Tönen gelobt wurde. Nun werden die erfolgreichsten Sequenzen der Secret Forest-Show dem Publikum gemeinsam mit neuen Musikstücken präsentiert.
Eine einzigartige Show, man spürt die Atmosphäre aus einer anderen Zeit…

Trailer DVD: /watch?v=PL_RtsKGzFg


Künstlerhomepage: www.myspace.com/johnkellymaiteitoiz

Tickets: http://www.ticketmaster.de

29-03-2009, 20:07
:fürcht::fürcht::fürcht::fürcht::fürcht::fürcht::fürcht::fürcht:: fürcht:

29-03-2009, 20:19
Wo ist der black nail-polish? :feile:

29-03-2009, 20:23
OMFG! :eek:

Ein Qualitätsfred, ein Qualitätsfred! :anbet:

Ich WERDE da sein, und zwar am 08. Mai in Saarbrücken! :freu:

Die beiden machen so wahnsinnig schöne Musik! :love:

29-03-2009, 21:44
[QUOTE=Varkung;21134293]OMFG! :eek:

Ein Qualitätsfred, ein Qualitätsfred! :anbet:

Ich WERDE da sein, und zwar am 08. Mai in Saarbrücken! :freu:

Die beiden machen so wahnsinnig schöne Musik! :love:[/QUOTE]
Aber hallo. Richtig schöne Mucke zum Träumen.
Visuell einzigartig!
Klasse :d::freu: Ich freu mich drauf!

30-03-2009, 20:06
Jaaa. das stimmt. Die Show ist toll. Die Beiden sind mit Leib u. Seele dabei u. lieben das. was sie tun. Einfach schöön. :love:

Wenn ihr Maite Itoiz u. John Kelly nicht kennt: Schaut euch den Trailer an! :anbet:

20-04-2009, 19:58
[QUOTE] Montag, April 20, 2009

Dear friends;

The organizer of "The Blue Elf's Dream" Tour 2009, Christian Kreft (CK Event Services) became bankrupt. We got the information yesterday night from him. We and the whole tour team are sitting right now at the lobby of the hotel, and we can't move forward, as this man does not have money even to pay for the hotel (and of course no money for food, gasoline, the venues rental, etc). That means that from this moment, we can't continue with the concerts that were planned (blue elf's dream tour concerts) The organizer said he is going to try to get money from here to some days to be able to continue with the shows in May, BUT he cannot confirm that this will happen. I'll keep you updated as often as I can these next days.
All the work we've done till now, all the late night hours at the computer, all the illusion we put into it, the most important of all YOUR trust!!! We still can't believe what's going on this is maybe the most unprofessional tour management we've ever had. We all were willing to go on even risking our neck, but this man is really into bankruptcy and can't even finance our food. Unbelievable but true.

This morning, as we all realized what this man did (or better, not did), John couldn't hold his tears, as inwardly, he is carrying the trust of the musicians on him, and as for me, I am carrying YOUR trust, which for me it's the most important.

Right in this moment we are trying to join the money between everybody to pay for this hotel and be able to go back home.
For the ones that have already seen the show, they can tell you what for a wonderful professional team of artists we had on stage and on the technic, I hope you liked the new songs we got ready for you and I hope I have the strength to one day put them together in the new concept album I was already working on till some days ago.
We had put all our time and illusions into this tour and therefore we worked like hell to get ready for you something special, including the new live CD and video, we put all our love into it specially for YOU, our true fans. I'm almost crying right now, I just can say I LOVE YOU ALL and I feel so shit that I don't know when am I going to be able to start with the creative work again. (Specially watching John suffering)

At least, we'll see YOU at Solingen, at the Beltaine Mystery Night, (this concert has nothing to do with this organizer) So on the 30th of April I will try to swallow my tears and go on stage to give it all for you.

PLEASE, if you have the possibility of reaching the people that might already be on their way to Leipzig by phone, please spread the word by SMS, I can't bear the idea that people took holidays and spent their money to come to our shows and due the incompetent organization are not going to be able to enjoy the beautiful show we got ready for YOU.

I'll write to you as soon as I get new internet connection wherever I am.

This is the contact website of the organizer of the "Blue Elf's Dream" Tour:



31-07-2010, 14:26
neues album, neue tour: