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21-04-2004, 23:19
Also ich find, so eine Kleinstaat-Monarchie, die hat was!

Wie im Märchenbuch!

Und die Landschaft! Und die Briefmarken! Und die Briefkästen!

Toll! :ja: :wink:

21-04-2004, 23:20
Und die fehlende Grenze :D

21-04-2004, 23:22

Fürst Hans Adam: Ich heiße sie in diesem majestätischen Thread herzlich willkommen. :wink:

21-04-2004, 23:23
[QUOTE=KatWatch]Und die fehlende Grenze :D[/QUOTE]

Die fehlt nur zur Schweizer Seite hin! :clap:

Nach Österreich hin wird schon aufgepasst! :floet:

21-04-2004, 23:25
Der Fürst hats gut:


Head of State of the Principality of Liechtenstein


H.S.H. Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein is the Head of State.
Ruling Prince since 13 November 1989.

His person is sanctified and inviolate. Sanctity and inviolability are the expression in constitutional law of the absence of responsibility in the intendment of monarchy law. The Reigning Prince cannot be made responsible under penal law nor in political matters although the monarch is obliged to respect the Constitution and the laws.

Since the Prince cannot be made responsible in the political and legal sense, his acts must be countersigned by the Head of the Government who thereby assumes the political and legal responsibility. In this sense, there is a balance between the power of the people and of the Prince.

The position of the Prince in the State is based on the right of hereditary succession which grants a subjective right to supreme office. The order of accession to the supreme office is determined by the internal House Laws concerning succession.

In keeping with the status of the Prince as the Head of State, his powers are of a paramount nature. Thus, in collaboration with the responsible government, the Prince is the representative of the State under international law. In the field of lawmaking, the Prince has the right of sanction. A bill approved by the Parliament (Diet) can only pass into law after the Prince has sanctioned it. In this context, mention should also be made of the right of the Prince to issue emergency decrees, applicable in the event of a national emergency. As the holder of this right, the Prince takes the place of the legislator when he utilizes it. However, the emergency decrees of the Reigning Prince still require countersignature by the Head of Government.

Another prerogative is the convocation, closing, adjournment and dissolution of the Parliament. In jurisprudence, the Prince has the right of pardon and abolition.


17-05-2004, 08:36
[QUOTE=KatWatch]Und die fehlende Grenze :D[/QUOTE]

Diese fehlende Grenze belebt das Geschäft für Schwarzgeldschmuggler! :d:

08-06-2004, 10:33

Fürst Hans Adam: Ich heiße sie in diesem majestätischen Thread herzlich willkommen. :wink:[/QUOTE]

Hans Adam: Ja, wo bleiben denn die Gäste oder User?

Kennt denn keiner von denen mein schööööööööööööööööööööönes Fürstentum? :confused:

:wink: :wink: :wink: